How to mint Lamb Duhs on Tron blockchain?

In this quick tutorial to getting a new, unique Lamb Duhs NFT, we will guide you through installing the TRX wallet on your Chrome browser, mobile and, of course, getting that minting started.

Let’s lamb!

How to mint Lamb Duhs on the Web

Step 1: Pick a suitable device

Minting Lamb Duhs is possible on Mac and Windows desktop browsers (we suggest using Google Chrome) via mobile wallets.

Please note that this particular guide will refer to the web version. If you prefer to use your phone for minting, please read the next section.


Step 2: Create a TRX wallet

To proceed with Tron Lamb Duhs minting, you need to link your TRX wallet to the Lamb Duhs webpage. This process is automated, so if you already have a TRX wallet (compatible with TRC-20 tokens), the system should detect it with no issue, so you can go straight to Step 3.


If you don’t have a wallet, let’s continue together to set one up.

Of course, the crypto wallet choice is totally up to you, but we can suggest 2 tested options: TronLink (they also have iOS and Android apps) or/and Klever (with the same, iOS and Android apps)

From now on the guide will follow the TronLink setup. If you opt for Klever, please refer to the mobile phone minting guide below.


Step 2.1 Add the TronLink Wallet extension for Chrome

TronLink is the world’s leading TRON wallet, and it’s featured on the official website of the TRON Foundation.

The Chrome extension will let you easily operate with your TRON balance straight from your browser.

Click here to install the Chrome extension.

Once in the Chrome Web Store, click on Add to Chrome.

TronLink Chrome extension installation NFT Tron

It should take only a few seconds for it to download. Then, it will likely show up on the top right of your screen. If you cannot see it, press the Extensions button to find it.

To save time, we recommend you pin it to the top bar of your browser.

Google Chrome extensions button

Step 3: Sign up or log in to your TronLink Wallet

Click on the TronLink extension to begin.

Google Chrome TronLink extension

You’ll have to set a new password before moving forward. Then, the system will allow you to create a new wallet, import an existing one, or use a hardware one.

Whether you’re creating a new wallet or importing a new one, you might need a Seed Phrase consisting of 12 words. For first-timers, it’s essential to save this phrase for recovery purposes. Make sure to write it down and keep it somewhere safe.

If you followed the steps, your TronLink Wallet should now be ready to use, and you can visualize the balance of your address right from the browser. Isn’t it amazing? Let’s continue.


Step 4: Top up your TronLink Wallet

If your TronLink Wallet is new, next up is adding some TRX to it. That’s so you can mint Lamb Duhs on Tron blockchain.

To do so, click on Receive and copy your wallet address.

Google Chrome TronLink receive Tron

Remember, all our NFTs are minted for a fixed 1250 $TRX. Apart from that, you may need a fee of around 120–150k energy or 15–25 TRX to mint your lamb.

Google Chrome TronLink receive Tron wallet address example

Step 5: Visit Lamb Duhs & Start Minting

The website will automatically detect it since you’re already logged into your TronLink Wallet via browser.

To get the minting started, click on "Mint a Lamb".

Then, select the number of lambs you wish to you mint and press "Mint now".

TronLink mint NFT Lamb Duhs TRX

This action will automatically open your TronLink Wallet in another window to confirm the transaction. Just make sure to have enough TRX in your balance.

And one more time, all Lamb Duhs are minted for a fixed 1250 TRX. No price tiers, no changes whatsoever. We believe this is the most transparent way.

Once the minting process it’s completed (it might take from 3 to 5 seconds), your NFTs will display on the website section My wallet.

TronLink NFT Wallet Lamb Duhs TRX

And yes, you’re now officially a lamb owner.

You can also transfer and sell your NFT through the marketplace.


Wallet not connected

If you are facing a Wrong net/Wallet not connected message while trying to connect your wallet to the Lamb Duhs page, please make sure that you’ve selected the Tron Mainnet option in your TRX wallet:

TronLink NFT Wallet Lamb Duhs TRX

After you select the correct option, please refresh the Lamb Duhs page and try to link your wallet for minting once more. It should go smooth and fast now!