About Lamb Duhs Tron

Lamb Duhs Tron is an NFT collection of cute and smart digital illustrated lamb avatars, generated from 350K+ possible trait combinations with an abundant variety of faces, outfits, and colors.

Lamb Duhs Tron is hosted on Tron blockchain. Lamb Duhs Tron is among the first high-quality NFT collections to make use of Tron’s TRC-721 standard. Lamb Duhs Tron marketplace is also on Tron blockchain and requires TronLink wallet for mint, buy or sell NFTs.

Lamb Duhs is the original collection of the Duhverse, 8,500 digital lambs were wandering the grasslands of the Ethereum blockchain! But now theses lambs are traveling to the galaxy of Tron Blockchain to find new wonderful possibilities in this new world!

Lamb Duhs Tron is among the first high-quality art projects on Tron still nascent NFT landscape. With their Ethereum counterparts already trading in the secondary market for over 532 ETH volume traded.

Each head and body accessory is worth 1-4 points based on how unique they are. For example, more common items such as a plain shirt or baseball cap are worth less points than more stylish items like a top hat or astronaut suit.

These accessory points are then added up and result in a total value between 2-8 points. This value determines a lamb's rarity tier, with each tier being associated with its own color. As a result, lamb rarity and accessory points can be easily recognized by looking at the background colors!

You can mint a unique lamb from Lamb Duhs NFT collection on Tron blockchain network. Mint Lamb Duhs NFTs on Tron blockchain and become an owner of the unique lamb NFT.

Following best practices in the NFT space, we’re sticking to a transparent, fixed minting cost model. Each lamb goes for 1500 TRX and you can get as many as you wish! You can mint them using any web browser or mobile device. All you need is a TronLink or Klever wallet to get started.

Lamb Duhs Tron Road Map


Mint & Marketplace

  • Website & Social Media Creation
  • Mint, Sell & Buy Lambs NFTs

Holders Pool

  • Reward TRX Tokens to Holders
  • Update the Web

Dashboard & Voting

  • Members Dashboard Launch
  • Community Voting for Develop

New Collections

  • New Lambs Depend of Community Vote
  • Release Super-rare Lambs

Lambs Farm

  • Reward New Lambs to Holders
  • Lamb Duhs Token on Tron Blockchain