Lamb Duhs NFTs
on Tron blockchain

A collection of cute and smart digital
lambs traveling to the galaxy of
the TRX blockchain!

Lamb Duhs marketplace is based on
Tron blockchain and requires TronLink
wallet for use.

About Lamb Duhs Tron

Lamb Duhs Tron is a platform for minting NFT lambs on the Tron blockchain, and a marketplace for trading them. Lamb Duhs is among the first high-quality art projects on the NFT landscape. With their Ethereum counterparts already trading in the market for over 549 ETH. Lamb Duhs is the original collection of the Duhverse, 8,500 digital lambs were wandering the grasslands of the Ethereum blockchain! But now these lambs are traveling to the galaxy of Tron Blockchain to find new wonderful possibilities in this new world!

Lamb Duhs Traveling
on Tron Galaxy

Lamb Duhs Tron NFT Marketplace

Explore cute unique lambs just arrived in the galaxy of Tron to find new wonderful possibilities on this new world!

Mint Lamb Duhs NFTs
on Tron blockchain

Become a owner of the unique lamb NFT

You can mint a unique lamb from Lamb Duhs NFT collection on Tron blockchain network.

Lamb Duhs Tron Road Map


Mint & Marketplace

  • Website & Social Media Creation
  • Mint, Sell & Buy Lambs NFTs

Holders Pool

  • Reward TRX Tokens to Holders
  • Update the Web

Dashboard & Voting

  • Members Dashboard Launch
  • Community Voting for Develop

New Collections

  • New Lambs Depend of Community Vote
  • Release Super-rare Lambs

Lambs Farm

  • Reward New Lambs to Holders
  • Lamb Duhs Token on Tron Blockchain